M&Ms (Matt Lee & MODOMOTO)

  • My Spanish friend Sara visited Berlin a few weeks ago. I was glad to see her again and was grateful to have a friend here before Matt arrived. I actually went on a tour of Berlin with her and her other friends from Madrid, but it ended up being in Spanish so I didn’t understand anything. Though, I did enjoy seeing for the first time different sites such as the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, Holocaust Memorial, and square above Hiter’s bunker, where he committed suicide.
  • Matt arrived in Berlin a few days later, almost two weeks ago now. It is so wonderful to have him here and to explore the city together. He shares a two-bedroom apartment on the opposite side of Alexanderplatz with another guy from his study program at CIEE. In addition to his classes, CIEE offers many excursions and events, and I have been able to join some of them, too. I went on another tour of Berlin with them, but this time it was in English so I found it a lot more interesting and informative.
  • Last Monday, I started my internship at MODOMOTO Curated Shopping GmbH. I am on the Business Development team and support my coworkers with different projects. There are only six of us on the team, but we represent five different countries. Everyone on my team and in the office has been very welcoming. We eat lunch together everyday at the nearby Markthalle, which has various stands from different international cuisines and good prices.  I have enjoyed my first six days, and I’m looking forward to the next five months there.

Check out the pictures below for more views of the amazing Berlin!


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