“Ich bin Berlinerin.”

I’m in Berlin! I traveled 6 hours by train from Reutlingen and then moved into my new apartment. I was smart this time and shipped my large suitcase through Deutsche Bahn’s luggage service, so I didn’t have to worry about lugging as much stuff this time. When I made it to my apartment, I was in for a surprise. I have 4 male roommates! Since I went through a realtor online, I didn’t find out who my roommates would be beforehand. I was hoping that I would have at least one female roommate…no such luck. Two are Dutch students, one is an architect intern from Seattle who has moved around a lot, and the last is French, but I haven’t met him yet. All things aside, they seem really nice and speak English. I’m just a little afraid of the kitchen and the bathroom.

My apartment is in Berlin’s Mitte district with a great, central location. I am right near the Fernsehturm, one of Berlin’s trademarks. This television tower actually has an interesting backstory. The DDR completed its construction in 1969, intending to demonstrate the new country’s strength and technological prowess, but the design backfired. When the sun hits the steel sphere below the antenna, it produces a reflection of a giant cross, which is especially ironic coming from a nation where atheism was the new religion! West Berliners mockingly dubbed this phenomenon ‘the Pope’s revenge’. In addition to the Fernsehturm, there are lots of stores and restaurants within walking distance, even a 4 story mall!

Matt arrives in Berlin next Wednesday. I am very excited to spend the semester with him and to explore Berlin together. He was serendipitously placed in a 2 bedroom apartment only a kilometer away from me!

Before I left Reutlingen, I went through the dreaded exams week. I had 4 exam slots with 6 subjects overall.  Three of the subjects were in German so keep your fingers-crossed that I passed all of them! I’m grateful for the break from classes and tests this semester and excited to start my internship at MODOMOTO. My first day will be Monday, February 2nd.

Fun fact I appreciate about Germany: Bagged, sliced bread doesn’t include the heels of the loaf because who eats that part anyways!

(Hint: click on the circles to see the full pictures and their captions)


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