On Saturday, I went to Lake Constance, which touches the shores of Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I took a tour of the city of Konstanz, climbed to the top of the cathedral, and then rode the ferry across the lake to Meersburg. Konstanz prides itself on its old buildings, some of which have been there since the Middle Ages. The town is on the border of Switzerland so Konstanz kept its lights on at night during WWII to fool the Allied forces’ into thinking they were a part of Switzerland so they were not bombed.

On Sunday, I tried out a different church. I didn’t understand much of the sermon, but another student from my university invited me back to her apartment and made me lunch. I got to know her pretty well. Although she is little bit older than me, we seem to have a lot in common. I mentioned that I have missed playing my guitar here so she is letting me borrow her old acoustic!

This week has mostly been orientation stuff, but I finally got my class schedule for the semester today and I start my classes tomorrow. I have the option to take 3 classes in English and the other 7 will be in German. This is going to be a hard semester academically so my goal is just to pass my exams in January and to find an internship for the spring.


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