On Saturday, I took an excursion to the Hohenzollern Castle, which is about 40 minutes from Reutlingen. It was a steep climb to the top, but once I finished all of the steps, the view was breathtaking. I heard a classical choir singing in the chapel and took a tour inside the castle. I saw the crown jewels, suits of armor, and a lot of creepy family portraits lol. There was also a Biergarten next to the castle so I ate french fries and enjoyed talking to some of the new friends I made from ESB. It was also a special day at the castle because the Prince of Prussia was visiting. We even took a group picture with him.

After the castle, we drove to Tübingen, a slightly bigger city than Reutlingen. The walk along the Neckar River was very picturesque, and I enjoyed some strawberry ice cream while strolling through the city. I will definitely go back here a lot this semester, especially since it is only a 15 minute train ride away.

This morning I also ventured downtown by myself to try out a small German church. Everyone there was very nice to me, and they were excited to practice their English with me. The service was in German so I did not understand all of it, but it was about the Prodigal Son so I was familiar with the parable and could follow along in my English bible.


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