On Saturday, I moved from Aachen to Reutlingen. Giancarlo and I planned on riding the trains together, but he ended up having to take a different route than me because he didn’t buy his ticket in advance. Basically, he had the worst day of his life because he had to change trains 8 times with 3 large suitcases! We left Aachen at 11am. I made it to Reutlingen at 4:30. He made it at 11pm. When he finally arrived, Giancarlo said, “I’ve finally learned my lesson…always do things in advance and listen to the ladies.”

This week I began my language classes at ESB. I placed into the B2 level, which was a big jump for me since I was in the A2,2 class just last week. All of the other students have a German parent or have been speaking German since they were 4…then there’s me. I had to do a presentation about unemployment in Germany and the EU today. My hand was shaking so much as I pointed at the projector slides so I was really embarrassed.

Overall I’m glad to be settled for the semester. I was really excited to see Maggie and Michelle (the other students from Elon) when I got to campus. It is nice to be around familiar faces. I’m also glad to have my own room and bathroom again. As you will see from my pictures below, the ESB campus isn’t quite the botanical garden like Elon is. It is a good day when I can see some blue sky through the clouds.


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