On Saturday, I went to Bonn, one of the oldest cities in Germany that sits along the Rhine. It was founded in the 1st century BC as a Roman settlement. Bonn was also the capital of western Germany from 1949-1990 until reunification. Our trip included a tour of the Haus der Gechichte (a museum of contemporary German history), a bus tour of the city, and  a visit to the Beethoven Haus. My favorite part was the museum. Although I had a hard time understanding everything the tour guide said in German, I was able to catch some interesting facts about the different exhibits. The bus tour was long and went to the least exciting parts of the city. This guide spoke excruciatingly slow in German and would repeat some of the the information in English because he thought we couldn’t understand him. A lot of us ended up taking a 2 hour nap. Once we got into the city center, I found Bonn to be a very pretty city and some of its palaces had a beautiful Rococo style.

(While I have enjoyed the excursions, I have found the trips to be poorly organized. We spent a lot of the day waiting around and not knowing the plan. The paid guides who lead our excursions have been about 20 minutes late each time we meet. I have been disappointed by their lack of punctuality, planning, and distribution of important information to the students. It isn’t very German of them!)


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