Hello family and friends!

I made it through my first week here in Germany. As you may have heard, it started out rough with being sick, but it has gotten much better since then. I am in level A2,2 for my German class and have 20 hours of instruction each week. I can already tell my German skills have gotten much better since I have been here because my teacher only speaks in German during class and I can really only communicate with my roommate in German. The rest of the time I get to explore Aachen and neighboring cities with the friends I have made here. You can see some of the things I have been doing this week in the pictures below. (If you click on a picture, a slideshow will come up and you can see the full comments I wrote about them.) Some differences I still need to get used to are that there aren’t any public restrooms, water fountains, free Wifi, A/C or stores open 24 hours.

Other random tidbits:

  • I was diagnosed by and took medicine from a doctor who doesn’t speak English.
  • Most Germans drink carbonated water.
  • I like to buy Käsebrotchen every morning at a shop next to the bus stop. (It tastes almost like an asiago bagel from Panera!)
  • I learned in class that Germans can put an announcement in the local newspaper saying that they are searching for a husband/wife (so like a print version of eHarmony).
  • We all fall and trip a lot here because of the uneven cobblestone roads.
  • I have class at the Spraachen Akademie with students from all over the world including Russia, Israel, Iran, Yemen, Albania, Poland, Japan, Spain, and so many more!

Anyways, I miss you all very much and appreciate all of your prayers and messages! -Aubrey C.



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